It is with great sorrow that we come together today with the departure of our president and dear friend, Fr. Julio Giulietti, S.J. We have all come here to seek the truth, and to know and understand what has happened within the university walls and what has become of the reputation of WJU. In this light, please invite anyone to read the blog and feel free to comment as you wish.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Members of the Board of Directors Resign

It has come to my attention from a reliable source that a couple members of the Board of Directors at WJU have resigned in protest of the Board of Trustees action on firing the president.  These are Lynda C. Wolford, C.P.A., Director of Internal Audit and Management Analysis at Georgetown University for 12 yrs, and Rudolph L. DiTrapano, Esq., one of the very few lawyers listed in The Best Lawyers of America.


  1. where those the ones julio brought onto the board himself?

  2. Although this blog has done a good job in presenting documents to the public showing the illegality of what has transpired, it still does not show WHY the Board of Trustees has resorted to such action. Did the president do something really awful for the Board of Trustees to go to the point of violating the by laws just to fire him? WHY? WHY? WHY?

  3. there's so much he-said-she-said going on on this blog...and im kind of annoyed that julio might have provided this information, let alone his interviewing with the papers. does he care about himself more than wheeling jesuit?...i thought he was more professional than this.

  4. It seems evident that Wheeling Jesuit, an institution with a checkered history of self-censorship and a singular lack of tolerance for dissent, has reaped what it has sown regarding the recent unpleasantness.

    Perhaps the board had a legitimate reason for the firing. However expecting Julio (or anyone else, for that matter) to simply "take one for the team" is, while typical for the University, ultimately self-defeating. Are we seriously to expect employees fired or run out under questionable circumstances to step aside out of some arbitrary sense of what's best for the University? This would seem to invite more self-serving and questionable behavior.

    There is a lack of professionalism here, but on the part of the University's administration.

  5. I think there is a lack of professionalism from not only the university, but also Fr. Julio.

  6. To support Father Julio, why are we trying to get the university to publicly announce what he did wrong? I KNOW that there are certain reasons, but wouldn't that make it even more difficult for him to find future employment? He might know enough people to find a job somewhere, but is it possible Wheeling Jesuit is trying to preserve any dignity he might have by not saying the exact reasons?

  7. Prof: No the three men who fired him (Gerard Stockhausen, Thomas Gleeson, and Brian O’Donnell) are not "trying to preserve" his dignity. They refused to let the president be evaluated by his evaluation, i.e., by faculty, students, administrators, community, and alumni. And by his exemplary record of accomplishment! Firing the president for no stated reason is tantamount to character assassination. They invite you to assume the worst.

  8. What is the difference between the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors? I am confused why such a small institution would need two.

  9. Bob - disgusted alumnusSeptember 8, 2009 at 8:14 PM

    Gotcha! So presenting the three Jesuits behind all these inappropriate behavior:


    Shame on you! Being a Jesuit is being "A Person for Others." Guys, time for some reflections, huh!? Did you forget that God is watching from above? May God have mercy on your souls!!!

  10. I spent my freshman year at Wheeling and have stayed in touch with many students and faculty there, and I must say I am very disappointed in the behavior of the board of directors and board of trustees in firing Julio and then covering up the reasons. I plan to keep investigating on my own to see what I can find out.
    --Steve Milavec