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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giulietti Firing Protested - Letter to the Editor

August 14, 2009

Editor, News-Register:

I am a resident of Wheeling, West Virginia and my husband is currently enrolled in the nursing program of Wheeling Jesuit University. I have come to know WJU as a family because of the warm people and their hospitality. I am appalled of what took place recently.

The shocking firing of President Fr. Julio Giulietti, SJ, is a very unjust and discourteous action, not only for the man himself, but also for each and every one of us who respected and loved him so dearly. No amount of words can exactly describe how this man has been WITH us and FOR us through all these times that he spent in WJU.

Fr. Julio is the only president I know whose office doors are very widely open to those who would want to visit him anytime. If I didn't know him, I would assume him to be a regular man, a "nobody" in school who mingles and chats with just anybody in campus. I have come to know a lot of presidents back in my own country, the Philippines. But only this president have I admired so much for being so nice and open to the people.

Fr. Julio was removed from his position prior to his yearly evaluation. What is the school evaluation for if it does not count for anything at all? Several students are already scheduled in September for an interview that will evaluate him. Why did they not get this chance for evaluation? Is this the reason why Fr. Julio has been the fourth president in seven years of this school? Why such sudden firing without even a word from the student body? These students, in fact, make up the bulk of the entirety of the school who in fact know Fr. Julio that well because he is a REGULAR FRIEND to all of them - always with open arms, to think that he is the PRESIDENT of this prestigious university!

Fr. Julio was fired while he was on vacation. I do not think this is the socially correct way to dismiss someone from a position which was still rightfully his. Everyone who loved this man was not even given an opportunity, in a courteous and gracious way, to bid him goodbye, appreciate and thank him for all the wonderful things he has done, not only to the university, but for being a FRIEND to us all. This president is more than a family to us.

I know that this letter will not at all get Fr. Julio back to the position as the president of WJU, after all that has been unjustifiably said and done. But on behalf of my husband who is enrolled in this university, all the other students, and all the people who love Fr. Julio, I just deeply express my dismay for all the unkindness and rudeness that is being thrown to him. An intelligent, humane and a very kind man does not deserve all these.
Our hearts and prayers will forever be with our Fr. Julio.

Christine C. Aquino, M.D.

- as published in The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register

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  1. The university is better without him.
    -Alum & student under Fr Julio's presidency