It is with great sorrow that we come together today with the departure of our president and dear friend, Fr. Julio Giulietti, S.J. We have all come here to seek the truth, and to know and understand what has happened within the university walls and what has become of the reputation of WJU. In this light, please invite anyone to read the blog and feel free to comment as you wish.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Even Health Insurance? (a letter from Fr. Julio's attorney)

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  1. What kind of fool is this attorney? Did he seriously approve the posting of Julio’s insurance information? I guess he’s not a HIPAA attorney and has no fear of identity theft.

    Should we start a collection so Julio can afford a “real attorney” and not one whose card he obviously found in a Cracker Jacks box?

  2. That's true, funny and sad, but true. I wonder is Mr. Bostic has Fr. Giulietti's SS# or perhaps a bank statement he'd like to post for the world to see. First time on the Internet Joe?

  3. I'm sure this is an "acquired" document, not something that Bostic or Giulietti thought would end up on the internet.

    Whoever the blogger is could have at least blacked out sensitive information.

  4. That's a polite way of saying that this blog isn't Julio or Internet Joe and I'm not buying it. If they aren't the bloggers then they sure as heck know who is and are working directly with'm. How else do you get you hands on a letter of this type or the one that was actually stamped that it was received into the presidents office?