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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feds raid McAteer office at WJU!

When Fr. Julio was fired, I immediately linked Davitt McAteer to the NASA scandal as a reason for firing WJU's President. Now the Feds have seized files from McAteer's campus office, from his home office in the eastern panhandle, and perhaps from his Morgantown office (rent paid by WJU). Click HERE and HERE for newspaper accounts.


On 8/3/9 NASA issued an audit report critical of WJU. Only hours later that day, Gerard Stockhausen, S.J., sent an e-mail notice of the meeting where Julio Giulietti, S.J., was surreptitiously fired in absentia, sans debate. The intensive clandestine campaign to fire the president was launched by and spearheaded by J. Davitt McAteer; this according to statements later issued by board member Rudolph L. DiTrapano, Sr. Coincidental? In my Chicago, we have a saying: 'There are no coincidences in politics.'

We now know that Mount de Chantal real estate was the bishop's reason for firing our president. But that may not have been the only reason. There is ample evidence to conclude that at least one person wanted to prevent Julio Giulietti, S.J., from delving into the NASA mess, and that person was J. Davitt McAteer.

As VP for Sponsored Programs, Governmental Relations and Legal Advisor, McAteer was responsible for the Center for Educational Technologies and also the National Technology Transfer Center. McAteer has accumulated considerable personal wealth from taxpayer dollars. A NASA honeypot is certainly not beyond the scope of reasonable inquiry.

Why else would McAteer be appointed acting president? Who appointed him acting president? That question has never been answered by anyone. The Wheeling Intelligencer has never reported his appointment, and has never reported the critical NASA audit report.

In an 8/31/9 article entitled WJU Debacle: Who did it, How they did it, and Why they did it, I answered the question, Why did they do it? in part:
"Perhaps the goal was not to fire Julio Giulietti, but to put Davitt McAteer in the president's office to cover up the NASA mess (In this scenario, Julio Giulietti was merely collateral damage). The troika gave McAteer that job for a reason. He was VP for Sponsored Programs, Governmental Relations and Legal Advisor. That means he was responsible for the Center for Educational Technologies and also the National Technology Transfer Center. Immediately preceding the board action against Julio Giulietti, NASA issued an audit report critical of WJU. That timing cannot be dismissed as merely coincidental! And the report cannot be dismissed as merely a $4,000,000 clerical error OK'd by the man in charge, (guess who?) Davitt McAteer. The entire $4,000,000 inappropriately charged to NASA was attributed to salaries for administrators. That means, (guess who?) Davitt McAteer. For certain, Julio Giulietti has not been president long enough to be responsible for the increased debt caused by this NASA mess. NASA issues the audit report critical of WJU, and immediately McAteer replaces Giulietti! Sounds like fertile ground for a grand-jury subpoena from the U.S. Attorney."

On 8/14/9 I e-mailed a letter to J. Davitt McAteer responding to his letter of the same day to alumni. I wrote in part: "The Intelligencer details a long list of impressive accomplishments for his brief tenure. Why did WJU fire him? Please tell us the truth. To do otherwise would be tantamount to character assassination of a good and decent Jesuit who acted honorably. No matter how sordid you believe it is, the truth is better than that in which you are now mired [a reference to the NASA scandal]."
McAteer has never responded to my letter.

On 10/24/9 I wrote an Open Letter to Father Provincial James Shea, S.J. regarding WJU's growing list of scandals. In part, I wrote:
"NASA issues the audit report critical of WJU, and immediately McAteer replaces Giulietti! The public perception is clear: WJU has been placed between avaricious men and a pile of money. Remedy: a restoration of accountability to the NASA program by requiring full disclosure of Davitt McAteer's oversight of the NASA debacle."
Shea has never responded to my letter.

It would appear that the U.S. Attorney now shares my desire for full disclosure.

Magna est veritas et praevalebit!
(Truth is mighty and shall prevail!)

Mike Fahy


  1. I wanted to clarify and substantiate your claim that McAteer has gleaned substantial financial compensation from WJU's coffers. According the the publicly available IRS 990 forms for WJU, for the past three years (2009, 2010, and 2011) McAteer has received $230,658 PER YEAR in compensation. He is the highest paid employee at the University by a long shot. President Beyer was only listed as receiving $125,000 in 2011.

  2. Correction.
    According "to the" the publicly available...
    According "the the"

  3. It's too bad Senator Byrd is no longer around to pull strings in the Democratic administration and save Mr. McAteer from what is about to befall him. Is this what comes of Jesuit-speak on "social justice"?

  4. The above Comment by WC Proud Graduate is corroborated by the 25-page affidavit signed on 2/16/12 by a NASA Special Agent disclosing: "J. Davitt McAteer received a yearly salary of $130,300 in 2006 which increased to $230,659 by 2008. The administrative duties of these individuals did not, in any way, benefit the substantive work being done on the Federal award projects." -- ¶ 14, p. 9.