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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Nail in the Coffin

I was on business in Belgium last week and returned to discover that a power-hungry member of the Wheeling College administration has fallen.

Some back ground. Fr. Julio sacking was against the will of the full board of directors.  It was orchestrated by a small group of narrow thinking, fearful, jealous and power-hungry people – not all men – who could not bear change.  Of the three Jesuit trustees who voted in the darkness of secrecy to overturn the will of the board, two have been discredited.  We wait for the fall of the third, who all know, has not born the heat of just labor for a long time.

Yet there were others behind the scenes to design the ignominious sacking of a good man. One is Mr. J. Davitt McAteer, then a VP for Sponsored Programs, mostly federal programs with NASA.  Board members tell me that Fr. Giulietti was aware that Mr. McAteer acquired an outrageously high salary for his position especially while the college was struggling for solvency.  Father was supported in his decision to limit McAteer’s salary and investigate questionable practices with NASA grants.   Mr. McAteer complained to some board members (who did not like Father Julio) that he was unjustly persecuted; that his salary was just for the money he brought in; and that if he left his position the college would lose its federal (NASA) funding.  At that time, college employees monitoring the federal grants noticed irregularities under the VP’s nose.  NASA questioned the college on its monitoring of its funds which were under the direction of Mr. McAteer.

The day of Fr. Julio’s demise, it was Mr. McAteer who was immediately appointed by unknown board members as acting president of the college.  Insult to injury for Fr. Julio and the college community!  Some close to events then remark that Mr. McAteer wielded his unjust authority brutally against Fr. Julio and anyone who questioned his authority.  Sadly, the Jesuits did not intervene.

Now Mr. McAteer is in deep trouble.  Loads of files from his campus office and home office have been seized by federal authorities so they can examine his seemingly illicit practices with federal moneys.  See: HERE

Mr. McAteer, the feds have caught up with you.  You are another nail in the college’s coffin.

-by Larry Catraro


  1. I would expect that he be placed on unpaid leave -- but that might be expecting too much.

  2. UNPAID, are you kidding?