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Monday, May 27, 2013

$19,600,000 Judgment Against Jesuit Hierarchy

Jesuits teach that our lives must promote justice.  Last week, justice taught the Jesuits a $19,600,000 lesson about covering up Jesuit sodomy.  The Jesuit hierarchy never seems to understand that openness and reform promote peace and justice much more effectively than Jesuit secrecy and cover-up.  Jesuit silence, cover-up, and stonewall secrecy too often result in lawsuits, campus raids by law enforcement officers, and multi-million-dollar settlement costs.  Where do all those Jesuit dollars come from anyway?

Last week, Jesuit officials were ordered to pay $19,600,000 for settlement of a Chicago civil lawsuit brought by six victims of Jesuit homosexual pedophile Donald McGuire.  Previously, on 2/11/9, a Chicago federal judge sentenced Jesuit Donald McGuire, then age 78, to 25 years in prison (in excess of federal sentencing guidelines) for homosexually assaulting young boys.

The $19,600,000 is not punishment for the Jesuit homosexual pedophile; rather it punishes the Jesuit hierarchy for attempting to cover-up that hideous crime by denying responsibility, avoiding accountability, manipulating the truth, and hiding behind lawyers.  The Jesuit hierarchy totally failed to embrace their student victims with compassion, care, openness, and truthfulness.  Their victims became their enemy: defiled and ostracized.

"The amount of the settlement is reflective of the magnitude of misconduct by the top Jesuit officials," said an attorney for the victims of the Jesuit hierarchy.  The 40-year-long cover-up of the ongoing homosexual attacks on young boys was concealed as a matter of high-level Jesuit policy.  Among the individual Jesuits named in the settlement are several Jesuit provincials, provincial assistants, Jesuit university presidents, Jesuit high school principals, and not one Jesuit whistle-blower!  The Jesuit vow of obedience to superior Jesuits has been corrupted and bastardized.

Chicago's Barbara Blaine, president of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) said this is "a settlement that, by its size alone, shows that [Jesuit] officials are terrified of having to testify in open court about their complicity.... And it's a settlement that should make parents pause before sending their youngsters to Jesuit schools."

The Jesuit policy of secrecy, cover-up, and silence resulting in that $19,600,000 payout involved Jesuits at Loyola University, Marquette University, and Jesuit high schools.  But that same Jesuit modus operandi has been pervasive at Wheeling Jesuit University in recent years.

When SNAP picketed Wheeling Jesuit University's ongoing harboring of accused homosexual predator Thomas F. (Tommy) Gleeson, S.J., that WJU secret was exposed for the first time.  How did WJU respond?  WJU Interim President J. Davitt McAteer, arrogantly told the press on 10/13/9: "We at Wheeling Jesuit University, and I personally, am happy to have Father Gleeson serving as a valuable member of our Board of Trustees and Board of Directors.  We have no plans to suspend Father Gleeson, nor conduct any investigation."

WJU's Interim President considered the accused homosexual predator "a valuable member of our Board of Trustees" because Tommy Gleeson had cast the deciding vote to fire WJU President Julio Giulietti, S.J., on 8/5/9; thus allowing McAteer to appoint himself Interim President on that same day so that he could conceal and cover up his financial shenanigans questioned by the 8/3/9 NASA audit report.

In keeping with the Jesuit code of silence and secrecy, Jesuit Provincial James Shea, S.J., on 10/24/9, refused to require full disclosure of Davitt McAteer's oversight of the NASA debacle, and the cascade of ensuing events.  The Jesuit hierarchy never seems to learn that openness and reform promote peace and justice much more effectively than Jesuit secrecy and cover-up.

The dishonorable Jesuit policy of stonewall secrecy, cover-up, and silence resulted, on 2/16/12, in a massive raid by federal agents on Wheeling Jesuit University's office and McAteer's office seizing files, computers, and cellphones.  Earlier that day a NASA agent, under oath, said he believes WJU and McAteer committed multiple felonies of theft and fraud!

On 4/14/12, Vicki Smith, the tenacious writer for the Associated Press, concluded her reporting of the federal theft and fraud accusations by noting: "The school's board never publicly said why Giulietti was let go."  WJU remains silent about their reason for firing him because WJU's keep-a-lid-on-it mind-set has the same underpinnings as the high-level Jesuit policy revealed in last week's Chicago civil case.  President Julio Giulietti, S.J., was fired on 8/5/9 so that he would not probe into WJU's financial shenanigans questioned by the 8/3/9 NASA audit report.  There has been no effort by WJU to issue an apology to Fr. Julio for what WJU did to him.

As the federal investigation continues toward possible indictments, Wheeling Jesuit University continues to operate under the Sword of Damocles.

Mike Fahy


  1. Why don't you, as the ethical author of this blog, file a complaint with the "agency" responsible for the accreditation of Wheeling Jesuit: McAteer was (concomitantly) provost/vice president/dean of sponsored programs that signed off (oversight) on his NASA "grants?"/principal investigator for the NASA "grants?".... Surely this can't be lawful, even in decaying/dying and impoverished Appalachia Wheeling, WV??

  2. Replying to above comment: While I do not operate this fine blogsite, I did write this article. You are correct about McAteer, but he was not the only one. Some members of WJU’s boards were complicit. That is why the NASA affidavit names WJU as well as McAteer as a potential criminal defendant.

    You ask about complaints to an accreditation agency. The more complaints received, the more likely they are to consider the complaints meritorious. You should share your thoughts with them, but do not do so anonymously. And send a copy to U.S. Attorney William J. Ihlenfeld, II. Small bits of information are often vital in putting a case together.

    How should a university handle a major criminal scandal? Two radically different examples: Penn State and WJU. Penn State reacted immediately and decisively by publicly firing those connected with the criminal activity. WJU did just the opposite, maintaining their fortress mentality of silence and stonewall secrecy. WJU’s one public offering was a 4/18/12 statement that WJU “is committed to openness,” but in that same statement WJU refused to identify the “special counsel,” and the “former United States Attorney” that WJU claims to have hired. WJU’s lack of openness leads one to conclude that those two hires do not exist.

  3. A settlement is not the same thing as a judgment. Your blog article conflates (or perhaps intentionally, for rhetorical purposes, confuses) the two. Strangely, my Google searches do not bring up any reports of this alleged settlement (or judgment), other than this blog. Pedophile Don Maguire had no connection to Wheeling Jesuit University, as far as I can tell. And thus, your article seems based on innuendo and guilt by association. Although I, like you, do wonder how the Jesuit order comes up with all this money to pay damages in these cases.

    1. My article uses the word settlement, and the caption uses the word judgment. In this civil case the settlement reached in January was revealed on 5/21/13 when the court accepted the settlement. The word judgment simply means the private settlement is made enforceable by law against the Jesuits.

      This is not an "alleged" $19,600,000 just because you cannot find other articles. It was a front-page story in Chicago and Milwaukee, and was widely reported around the world. It was also featured in the 5/21/13 publication of "Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit."

      Yes, Jesuit Donny McGuire has no known connection to WJU, but Jesuit Tommy Gleeson does. This article is not about the activities of Donny and Tommy; it is about the activities of their Jesuit superiors.

      You incorrectly say this "seems" to be based upon innuendo. No, it is based upon cold, hard facts revealed about the Jesuit hierarchy. As to your "guilt by association" accusation, well, yes, that association just cost the Jesuits $19,600,000 which may result in higher tuition rates. As noted in the article, this Jesuit modus operandi has been pervasive.

      UPDATE (Chicago) -- The Illinois Appellate Court held that four insurance companies have no duty to pay the Jesuits for $19,600,000 damages plus attorney fees. See Empire Indemnity Insurance Company v. The Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus, case citation: 2013 IL App. 112346. This is a major blow to the Jesuit coffers.

  4. Check theintelligencer.net. 9/1 wheelingjesuit student murdered near campus in appalachia(dying)wheeling.....

  5. Back in the 1990s, Fr. Acker misappropriated federal money for university projects. Plus ca change, and all that ...

  6. I have followed this blog for a few years now. Mike Fahy's posts are masterpieces of guilt by association and innuendo. There is absolutely nothing connecting Jesuit Don Maguire or this $19.6 million settlement to Wheeling Jesuit University except the fact that they both are under the ultimate direction of the hierarchy of the Society of Jesus. It's rather like saying the Social Security office personnel in Wheeling, W. Va. are corrupt because they report to the same Democrats in the White House Administration as Lois Lerner of the IRS, (who has taken the Fifth Amendment to avoid prosecution for her actions). Pulease! Moral (and legal) clarity require better than this!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly!

    2. The above 2/28/14 comment repeats the same "guilt by association and innuendo" question as in comment #3 (6/13/13), "seems based on innuendo and guilt by association" which was fully answered by the author in comment #4 (6/22/13) including an update with case citation: "This article is not about the activities of Donny and [WJU's] Tommy; it is about the activities of their Jesuit superiors." Does not the title of Mike Fahy's article reveal the subject to the 2/28/14 commentor? As noted in the article, the Jesuit modus operandi of secrecy and cover-up which cost the Jesuits $19,600,000 has been pervasive at Wheeling Jesuit University. See the reference to Provincial James Shea in the article. Also of interest is the comparison of WJU to Penn State in above comment #2. Similar to Loyola and Marquette, WJU was subjected to a massive raid by federal agents seizing files, computers, and cellphones after being accused of multiple felonies. Not exactly innuendo, is it?

  7. I see that Rev. Tommy Gleeson, S. J.. recently passed away. R.I. P.