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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feds probe NASA fraud by WJU & McAteer

A Federal Grand Jury probe is focusing on NASA fraud by Wheeling Jesuit University and by WJU Vice President J. Davitt McAteer. The investigation appears to center on whether WJU diverted taxpayer dollars via fraudulent billing expenses.

Witness affidavits supporting the warrants for the 2/16/12 raid upon the WJU campus will be kept secret for another 60 days. Yesterday (4/12/12) U.S. Magistrate James E. Seibert denied McAteer's motion to have that information unsealed. Wheeling Jesuit University also argued unsuccessfully to have the witness affidavits unsealed. The U.S. Attorney expects more current and former employees of Wheeling Jesuit University to appear before his grand jury.

"The reputation of Mr. McAteer and Wheeling Jesuit University have been thrown into question by publicity surrounding the search," saith McAteer's criminal lawyer. So who is to blame for WJU's most recent bad publicity -- McAteer or the courageous whistle-blowers who are testifying before the grand jury?

On February 16, 2012, federal agents seized files from McAteer's WJU campus office, and from his home office in the eastern panhandle. Agents of NASA and other federal agencies from all over the country converged upon the campus, and simultaneously upon McAteer's eastern panhandle estate. In Wheeling, they took all the WJU files and WJU computers from the 3rd and 4th floors of the National Technology Transfer Center (one of the Byrd buildings). Then they confiscated all the private files and computers belonging to Davitt McAteer.

J. Davitt McAteer, Vice President of Wheeling Jesuit University since 2005 (and Interim-President-Emeritus), was recently inducted into WJU's Hall of Honor.

William J. Ihlenfeld, II, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of West Virginia (Wheeling Division), recently implemented the Northern District Financial Crimes Task Force (Racket Squad).

To the Associated Press, WJU's Richard Beyer referred all questions to Michelle Rejonis who refused to discuss the matter. Well, no change there; same old stonewall still in place. The McAteer/Shea agenda of stonewalled silence and secrecy following the August 2009 firing of WJU's President Julio Giulietti, S.J., continued through multiple scandals ensuing thereafter. Now the Cardinals have come home to roost.

For more details, click these news reports from Jackson, Mississippi and from Wheeling, West Virginia, and from Blithe Spirit.

Mike Fahy

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  1. After I wrote this article, a 25-page affidavit signed on 2/16/12 by a NASA Special Agent came in over the transom. It indicates that the sycophant members of the Board of Directors and McAteer minions were also engaged in criminal activity. To wit: "Documents obtained thus far also evidence knowledge and intent by the Wheeling Jesuit University Board of Directors to circumvent the [law] and improperly divert Federal Government funds for the purposes of sustaining Wheeling Jesuit University in its general, non-federal program educational areas." -- ¶ 16, p. 9.