It is with great sorrow that we come together today with the departure of our president and dear friend, Fr. Julio Giulietti, S.J. We have all come here to seek the truth, and to know and understand what has happened within the university walls and what has become of the reputation of WJU. In this light, please invite anyone to read the blog and feel free to comment as you wish.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A sad story comes to an end.

This week, Wheeling Hospital, owned by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston – read Bishop Michael Bransfield - has purchased the property of the Visitation Sisters at Mt. De Chantal. Howrah! Fr. Giulietti's name is cleared.

Any logical person following the history of the Wheeling debacle saw the conspiracy at work. A limited number of dysfunctional board members, three troubled Jesuit trustees (two already publicly proven to be inept)and a small town bishop veracious for power, money and a job elsewhere conspired to bring a good man down. The reasons? Envy and greed.

And a good man's own Order stood by inept.

Bishop Bransfield got the Mount. What will Wheeling Hospital do with it? Sell it, of course. Maybe to UPMC? To the US Government for research and development? To a entrepreneur to cut up into development pieces for "the needs" of the diocese?

And what has come of Wheeling Jesuit? It is without leadership. Its competent and popular legal president, Fr. Giulietti, is gone. Its competent and publicly esteemed AVP, Dr. Letha Zook, is leaving freely in June for the same position at the University of Charleston. Its CFO, Michael Leo, was given the boot. The mood on campus is akin to a funeral home. The Interim (for 18 months) President, Sr. Frances, is trying to understand why so few students want to attend the college. Why does she not know?

So Fr. Giulietti's reputation is now fully and without doubt re-established. He is cleared. The false accusations and innuendos made against him, all proven to be vapid and without substance, now pale before the truth of the facts. Wheeling Hospital got the Mount.

- Larry Catraro


  1. Dear Father Julio,
    Happy Birthday! I wish many happy returns for your birthday! May you live long! May you always spread love, knowledge, and wisdom as you always do. Forgive me for sending this message to you in public, I really tried to send it to you through the e-mail at your facebook account but I received faliure delivery notice. God Bless!

    Yours sincerely,
    Islam Khattab
    April 29, 2010

  2. This site is inflammatory and does little to help our school. We need positive energy and not the negative energy that this site seems to encourage. We need to focus on what can be done not what has been done. We need alumni who are helping not harming the school. If you trully care about WJU close this site.

    Ed Shahady MD Class of 1960

  3. Dr. Shahady, this site is a neutral site for WJU. It posts positive, negative, and neutral views. But it is very unfortunate that there are more negative posts.

    Even though, I think that this site provides more transparency to WJU that may be able to help it in the long run, if WJU starts helping itself.

    You are more than welcome to post any comment you think is appropriate to boost WJU up, the same way others post their comments and blog on this site.

    Thank you very much for your concern to help out! We need active participants like you and others to be able to show the readers the truth and help WJU in what way we can.

  4. The 1960 class member, in his above 7/14/10 comment, inflammatorily demands that this site be closed. That is such "negative energy" to shut down the alumni source for stonewalled information. Rather he should be telling us of all the "positive energy" generated by the likes of Davitt McAteer, Thomas Gleeson, Felix Owino, Michael Bransfield, Daniel Haller, James Shea, and all those other creatures of the night.