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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Letha Zook, Ed.D. Resigns

In the wake of President Julio Giulietti's firing, Wheeling Jesuit University's Academic Vice President, Letha B. Zook, has resigned!

Although no official WJU announcement has been issued, and she is still listed in the WJU campus directory, Dr. Zook has accepted the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty with the University of Charleston (W.Va.). She will begin there on 7/1/10, and will serve as head of the undergraduate faculty as well as the faculties of the School of Pharmacy and the Graduate School of Business. A great loss for Wheeling Jesuit University.

Fr. Giulietti, S.J., appointed Letha B. Zook Academic Vice President at Wheeling two years ago.

Mike Fahy, B.A., J.D.
WJU Alumnus


  1. It is always sad to lose talent and I'm sure everyone wishes Dr. Zook the best of luck. On the other hand, I see reasons to be encouraged about. Dr. Zook's professional background was in the allied health sciences and she is going to an institution that is perhaps better suited to that kind of occupational training and career-focused education. The University of Charleston is not really in the same category as WJU. (U.S. News and World Report has it in a completely different classification). It is very interesting that the news of Dr. Zooks departure almost coincides with today's announcement of the hiring of Rev. James J. Fleming, S.J., Ph.D., from Boston College, as Wheeling Jesuit's new "Vice President for Mission and Identity" commencing July 1.


  2. Good riddance to bad garbage. Zook spent more time getting other people fired than she did accomplishing anything. If being a leader means leaving a wake of devestation, Zook is the next Churchill.