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Friday, February 5, 2010

New man -- I mean woman -- at Wheeling Jesuit

A utility player is taking over the “interim president” job at Wheeling Jesuit U.
Sister Francis Marie Thrailkill has been named as interim president of Wheeling Jesuit University.
Thrailkill replaces J. Davitt McAteer, who has served as interim president since former President Julio Giulietti was fired on Aug. 6.
Wheeling Jesuit said Thursday that Thrailkill will serve as interim president for about 18 months. She will be the university’s first female leader.
Meanwhile, the U. apparently remains in a state of suspension as to a replacement for the (who knows?) irreplaceable Giulietti:
The school suspended its search for a permanent president in October, saying it needed more time to find the right leader.
No disrespect intended to say “utility,” as above.
Thrailkill had served as president of the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati from 1987 to 2008, and as interim president of Chatfield College in Cincinnati from 2008 to 2009.
Nor journeyman (or woman), for that matter.  Did Nick Swisher drive in 82 last year for the World champion Yankees?  Yes, hitting .249 in 150 games.  Had a bad Series but got a key hit in the last game, as I recall.  His third time in six MLB seasons (his second in two).  Don’t diss the traveler.
As for Thralkill, she took over at Mt. St. Joseph a year after it went coed, admitting male students, and put in a very good 20 years:
Under her leadership, the Mount has almost doubled the size of its campus to 92 acres and steadily increased its student population to 2,300. On her watch, the college kept its track record of balancing the budget for 29 consecutive years. 
The endowment grew from $3 million in 1987 to over $22 million in 2007.  Sister Thrailkill oversaw two capital campaigns, the “Vision 2000” Campaign and the “Building Excitement” Campaign, which combined raised over $24 million for new academic programs, student scholarships and facilities.
In fact, in 2008 she was declared a Great Living Cincinnatian by the Chamber of Commerce.
If she can (figuratively) take Wheeling Jesuit to the World Series, it would go a long way to helping people forget the exceedingly strange goings-on over the past five months.
- as published in Blithe Spirit, the blog


  1. Far short of minimum expectations for a Jesuit, WJU's new Interim President Francis Marie Thrailkill has her Ed.D. (Doctorate in Education) from Nova University, a mail-order degree mill set up to allow NEA union members to bilk more money from property taxpayers. At age 72, she is old enough to have been in WJU's first graduating class of 1959.

    WJU continues to falsely state that President Julio Giulietti, S.J. stepped down. He did not. He was fired without cause.

  2. Responding to the previous post, which calls Nova University a "mail-order degree mill" -- this is neither fair nor accurate. Nova (now renamed Nova Southwestern U) is a non-profit fully accredited institution with multiple campuses in Florida and which offers many advanced graduate degrees including professional degrees in law, medicine, dentristry and pharmacology. Personally I don't have much respect for Doctorates in Education, which are designed to provide doctoral academic credentials for administrators, but let's not go overboard in trashing a legitimate university or an accomplished 20-year president of a 4-year Catholic liberal arts college.

  3. It is appropriate that the new Intermim President was born in San Antonio. She will need the guts and the fighting spirit of the Alamo...

  4. Sister Frances Marie has a sterling reputation as a person of integrity and competence. I take her replacement of Davitt Mc Ateer as the result of our protests. While the Directors and Trustees who participated in the coup also need to go, I am more hopeful now that WJU may regain the confidence of Alumni and prospective students.