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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where is the president?

The excitement was high. 

First was the news that the search for a new president for Wheeling Jesuit would be a serious one and underway by October.  Interviews would occur in October, the champion announced in November and he or she in place for the New Year.  The search would be open to all qualified candidates assuring us of a win-win for WJU.  After all, the new president will be the fifth president in ten years.  Excitement was high indeed. Thirty-five applications! Seven serious candidates gave way to three and then two finalists. (No Jesuits dared apply!)

But in later October, William Fisher, Wheeling Jesuit Board Chair, announced “We were hoping to appoint a new president by the first of the year, but the process of hiring a college president takes time, and we want to be as thorough as possible in finding the right leader for the university."

Yes, it is about leadership.

Does Fisher mean the first search was rushed and not thorough in finding the right leader among thirty-five candidates?  What to do?  Might he be considering a reinstallation of the popular president, Fr. Giulietti, so rudely terminated in August?  And if so, would Fr. Giulietti be foolish enough to return to Wheeling Jesuit now?  I doubt it.  A pity though.  He was a read leader.

Larry Catraro

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