It is with great sorrow that we come together today with the departure of our president and dear friend, Fr. Julio Giulietti, S.J. We have all come here to seek the truth, and to know and understand what has happened within the university walls and what has become of the reputation of WJU. In this light, please invite anyone to read the blog and feel free to comment as you wish.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wheeling Jesuit Trustee on the Spot

October 14, 2009

Click HERE to read the article on Blithe Spirit, the Blog with the comment from Judy Jones, Director of SNAP Ohio Valley.

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  1. I like your welcome statement: "We have all come here to seek the truth,"

    SNAP "Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests" is also seeking the truth.

    This is our response to J. Davitt McAteer, Wheeling Jesuit's interim president, and the diocese church leaders about Fr. Thomas Gleeson:

    "It's very disheartening to see how Wheeling Catholic officials are responding to the revelation that a Jesuit university board member stands accused of sexual harassment.

    Because one church official in California in 1999 decided that Fr. Thomas Gleeson was "unsubstantiated," West Virginal Catholic
    authorities are apparently fine with giving him a position of authority and responsibility over innocent teenagers and vulnerable young

    Would it hurt Wheeling Jesuit University so much to even spend a few days delving into this accusation, instead of immediately assuming that a credible accuser is wrong and an accused cleric is right?

    Judy Block Jones, SNAP Ohio Valley Region Director, 636-433-2511